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Scorpion Planogram

2D design & 3D visualisation          

About Scorpion Planogram

When it comes to designing the optimal merchandised planogram, without our software, it can be difficult and long winded. Especially if you want to make quick changes or redesign your existing planograms. High end retailers and suppliers don’t have time to waste designing planogram without the use of dedicated planogram software. They need a program that will make shelf planning and range optimisation reviews quick and simple to use, without compromising on retail design and store planning.

Our Scorpion Planogram software is helping retailers and suppliers globally to make their retail space more efficient and drive additional sales and profits. Our planogram software is completely user friendly, meaning you can create an optimised planogram to suit your needs in a fraction of the time.

Scorpion Planogram Capabilities

Scorpion has a long list of design and analysis capabilities. Within minutes you can completely recreate your fixture design. You will be able add a wide range of fixtures and place products according to your merchandising principles to optimise sales.

When you have a full grasp on your space then you can begin to edit your fixture design and your products. Our Scorpion Planogram software helps you to visualise and analyse your category or shelf design from the customer’s perspective. This means you will be able to make crucial changes which could completely reinvent the way shoppers view your brands, helping to achieve category growth and your strategic plans.

Scorpion Planogram software gives you comprehensive reports and graphs which will help you keep track of category insights and appropriate changes. One of our most beneficial reports is the Space vs Sales report. This helps our clients to establish where the best allocation for products, brands and categories is.

The gap analysis report will identify missed sales opportunities within any one category. The days of supply report highlights potential out of stock and wastage situations. These reports aid our customers with powerful category insights and knowledge to perform efficient category analysis to avoid mistakes once the new range is agreed and live in store.

We want to give our space planning suppliers and retailers the ability to be able maximise sales and profits by using every inch of the shelf space. Our category management advisor within the planogram software recommends category space adjustments. This gives every product, brand and supplier the optimum space allocation.

The 3D capabilities within the software are unique. With high end specification graphics the planogram software can provide space planners with a realistic view of the planogram. This feature helps our clients to see the merchandised plan through the customer’s eyes. They can view the fixture space, making sure they have created a look and feel that is consistent with the image of the retailer or stores.

It gives them a chance to see the products, branding and fixture point of sale, as they would be presented on the shelf. This feature in the program is hugely beneficial for making sure retailers accept the planogram design and can implement with confidence an optimised well designed fixture layout.


Benefits of Scorpion Planogram

  • Create all types of fixtures & place products
  • Edit planograms & products
  • Assign sales data & analysis
  • Highlight planogram hotspots
  • Highlight over & under stocked products
  • Category management reports
  • Merchandise in store using planograms
  • Share planograms with clients in any format
  • Create a consistent look & feel in all stores
  • Manage range & space across all store sizes
  • 3D views for presentations
  • Range review presentations
  • Perform category analysis, space vs. sales
  • Gap analysis report; identify products that sell well in market that aren’t listed in store
  • Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of-stocks

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Why is our Scorpion Planogram useful?

Once the planogram design is complete, space planners are able to share and send the end results in any format. This makes final deliberations over category management and fixture changes quick and efficient. With a compilation of reports, presentations and the planogram software itself retailers and suppliers can see everything they need to without wasting any time.

Retail Smart consultants can provide any marketing or category management team with the necessary training on how to use our planogram software. We will equip you with all of the skills to get the best out of our program whether that is using planogram software or gaining category insights and reviewing analysis. When it comes to creating planograms we can provide you with the best software and gold standard support for the job.



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