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Planograms, Store Planning & Range Assortment software

Planogram software

Our Planogram Software, Scorpion, is the most intuitive planogram software in the space planning market. Using Retail Smart planogram software will optimise shelf space, execute merchandising principles and help collaborate with retailers and suppliers on those important planogram projects.

As the leader in planogram software development & design, our software covers tasks like, organising products on shelf, optimum space recommendations, stock optimisation, implementation of merchandising principles and valuable category management insights expected in today’s retail range reviews. Due to the powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, insights into category, brand and product performance are reported, so every inch of the shelf space is optimised and category objectives achieved. Our planogram software may be used standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with range assortment and store planning software. Visit and see Scorpion in action or read more here >

Planogram automation software

Planogram Automation is specifically designed to meet the rising need for creating consumer centric planograms. Consumer centric planograms represent the actual fixture and space in each store and most importantly, display a product range that satisfy local consumer demand. All store specific planograms generated are easily maintained, to include new product launches or delisted SKU’s.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the capability of adapting planograms to meet local consumer demands is a real competitive advantage. Major retailers and manufacturers using automation have reported 4-7% sales increase, as a result of meeting consumer demands and up to 90% efficiencies, in time taken to maintain and update planograms. As a development company, we work with retailers to design and build the ultimate automation systems, using the latest technology and design. Planogram automation may be used standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with our range assortment and store planning software. Read more about planogram automation software >

Range assortment software

Range Planner is a category management software application to manage product range assortment, which transforms complex analytical retail range review projects, into actionable insights in a fraction of the time normally taken. Based on industry best practises (ECR), our software presents an intuitive approach that includes every step required to prepare a category range review and assortment proposal, taking into account both market and retailer data.

Range Planner includes several models to optimise the product range. This targets a specific depth and breadth of range in terms of the category strategy or market coverage objectives. Leading retailers and suppliers who use our software gain a competitive edge by aligning product ranges for each store cluster, to shopper demands. Range Assortment may be used standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with planogram and store planning software. Read more about range assortment software >

Store planning software

Store Planning is a store design and analytical application which links stores, departments and category space to sales, maximising profits for every inch of your store. Store Planning is a knowledge based solution, delivering key insights on store performance through the use of hot spot analysis, space profitability and space distribution.

Stores planned in Store Planning maybe be navigated by the user in a virtual 3D environment. Store Planning may be used standalone or as a fully integrated range and space planning solution with range assortment and planogram software. Read more about store planning software >


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