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Automate the planogram
process with SPA software

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Create planograms & optimise
shelf space with POG software

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Allocate correct sales floor space
to increase profits with SP software

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Calculate the optimum product range &
fit to shelf space with RP software

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Experts in designing optimised planograms to
maximise sales and profits at the shelf.
Planogram consultancy services

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Building credible category insights &
range justification for range reviews.
Range review consultancy

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Store planning expertise in designing store
layouts to optimise space & increase profits.
Store planning consultancy services

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Create the right impression with
3D planograms

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Visualise your brands &
category concepts using
3D Retail Experience

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Be one step ahead of the
competition with up-to-date
planogram product images & data

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About Retail Smart

Retail Smart is a planogram solution provider and planogram design agency. Our in house design team, develop the most innovative Scorpion 2D and 3D planograms in the market today. Our retail consultancy team are experts in providing solutions for store planning, range assortment, category insights and retail shelf planning optimisation for retailers and suppliers in the UK and around the world.

Our Scorpion Planogram app makes designing planograms easy, providing insights as you design and life like virtual 3D views of your planograms, visit Our solutions are centred on optimising sales and achieving category objectives. Our software and outsourcing services consider consumer insights and visualisation of your categories and brands in a 3D virtual environment, helping our clients build credible product ranges, optimising shelf and store selling space.

Whether you are a supplier looking to win additional listings during range reviews, a retailer or manufacturer looking for innovative range assortment and retail space planning software, we have a solution for you.

Low cost planogram design service

We are passionately in pursuit of designing the perfect planograms, this is our working life and it's why we launched our planogram factory design service. Planogram factory offers a low-cost planogram outsourcing service designed to cater for all your planogram design needs, using state of the art planogram software with powerful 3D viewing capabilities, see for example outputs absolute digital media. Our services including product photography, data capture and research on merchandising styles that best meet consumer shopping habits. A design service which has proved popular with retailers and suplliers. Take the hard work out of planogramming and let us design for you.  Read more about planogram factory 

Our Clients

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Retail Smart is a space planning software Development Company, with years of experience developing and customising retail planning solutions. We like working with retailers and suppliers to deliver a tailored solution. We have great ideas around automation of the planogram process and would like to share them with you.

Our solutions and ideas are focused on user experience, accessibility to plans and insights which promote change whilst increasing sales and profits within the category and stores, while providing the highest levels of support to help you get the most out of the Retail Smart solution.


Consultancy services

Our experienced consultants assist in range, planogram and store planning, focused on consumer and market demands and the need for innovation within the range of products offered at the shelf.

Utilising our latest category management technology 3D retail experience, we offer brand and category visualisation and interactivity in a virtual reality store environment.

Customer support

Retail Smart delivers expertise, advice and support to all of our potential and existing clients.