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SPD - Store Plan Designer

Store planning software

Gain insight on share of space, producing hot spot analysis, for actionable redistribution of space to maximise profits.

MSA - Merchandising & Space Advisor

Planogram software

Create all types of fixtures in minutes and start placing products to create optimised planograms in a fraction of the time other applications take.

MSAX - Merchandising Space Automation

Planogram automation software

Generate hundreds of planograms automatically, makes putting the right high revenue, high profit products in each store simple.

ATPRO - Assortment Target Professional

Range assortment software

Transforms complex analytical range review projects used for assortment analysis, into an intuitive software interface accessible for all users.

Store Planning
optimisation of retail store space

Store planning consultancy services

Winning new revenue and increased profits for our clients, by optimising the store space.

improved category performance

Planogram consultancy services

Working closely with our clients we offer justification for range and space changes, by analysing available space and sales.

Retail Experience
Explore category, brand & store concepts

3D retail experience

3D retail experience is a virtual store environment, in which brands and category management concepts can be viewed, navigated and interacted with.

Category Management
specialist consultancy services

Range review consultancy service

Justification of range changes, whether adding new products, delisting or winning additional shelf space.

Product Photography

Our product photography service captures high quality images of all products within your category,
keeping your image library up to date on a regular and scheduled basis.