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Stereoscopic Capability Brings 3D Shopping Experience to the Highest Level

Retail Smart takes planograms to the next level by offering their 3D Experience with a Stereoscopic ability, bringing a new level of detail, realism and depth to your virtual store.

Flat, 2D planograms are a visual tool of the past. At Retail Smart we took the progression to working in more of a full 3D environment which allows an entire virtual store to be created in a short amount of time with endless possibilities and uses. Finally giving users the power to create multiple real and concept stores, test out consumer paths and look at NPD in a realistic environment.

As technology and software has advanced so has the Space Planning possibilities. The 3D Experience from Retail Smart allows you to create your store using high quality 3D models, video and audio files that play in the environment, with a variety of fixtures, products, avatars and POS brought to life by dynamic real time lighting, aided by the new Stereoscopic function it provides a level of accuracy and realism that was previously hard and very expensive to obtain.

This output can be shared in a variety of ways and adds a “Wow” factor that has been missing in Space Planning for a long time now.